Monday, October 24, 2011

OLLI class, 24 de octubre

LIBROS!!  We got the books today!  If you didn't get what you wanted, or want to order more, we can do so on Wednesday.

FOOD:  Las horas de las comidas en España (aproximadamente):
7-9 am el desayuno
(café, pan, churros, leche con chocolate caliente)
2-4 pm (14-16 horas) la comida
(main meal of the day)
6-9 pm (18-21 h) la merienda
(a little snack, could be tapas* and a drink, café, some yogurt and fruit,,)
9 - 12 pm (21 - 24 h) la cena
(usually a lighter meal, more like an American lunch, but if you go out, it could be full meal)

*Tapas are appetizers, anything from olives to potato salad to oysters, etc. that are usually served in bars to accompany your drink.  Some US restaurants seem to call this "small plates".  If you're hungry and the restaurants are not open yet, find a pleasant bar and see what they have displayed.  Incidentally, sherry (jerez) and other wines are most commonly enjoyed with tapas, rather than mixed cocktails like martinis.

We reviewed and re-told in pairs the story about Arturo and the romantic nose.  Then we started looking at how we would tell the story in the past tenses.  Here's a chart:

La nariz romántica de Arturo
Here are some critical sentences from this story.  The verbs on the left are in the present tense; the ones on the right are in past tenses.  Notice the differences.
Hay un hombre. 


Se llama Arturo.
Se llamaba

Tiene un problema.

Quiere tener una nariz romántica. 

Quería tener
Busca por todas partes.

No encuentra una nariz.    

No encontró
Va a Granada. 

(Espera encontrar) He hopes to find
(Esperaba encontrar)
He hoped to find

Encuentra una tienda de narices.

Mira la nariz de A. Banderas.


Le gusta. 

Le gustaba
Compra la nariz. 

Se la pone.
Se la puso.

Está contento
Estaba contento.

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