Tuesday, May 8, 2012

El tiempo entre costuras / The Time in Between, un libro estupendo

I just finished reading this book en español by María Dueñas, a Spanish writer and professor, and cannot recommend it highly enough.  It has been translated into English, so choose which version you prefer.  As Mario Vargas Llosa says, "una novela maravillosa, con intriga, amor, misterio y ternura."  It takes you from pre-Civil War Madrid to Tangier and Tetuán in the Spanish Protectorate of Marruecos, back to Madrid and on.  Don't want to give anything away, but I just couldn't stop telling anyone and everyone how great this book is, even before I finished it.  (Reading it also taught me several new words in Spanish!)  Beautifully written, great story, wonderful characters...Read it!

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