Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why is a tip called a propina?

According to, A.Word.A.Day, with Anu Garg,
it's from Latin.  And the English version is propine, which I notice my computer underlines as an English misspelling and which I had never known before. 


(pro-PEEN, PYN)

verb tr.: To gift, tip, or pledge.
noun: A gift or tip.

From Latin propinare (to drink to someone’s health, to present), from Greek propinein (to drink first, to give), from pro- (for, before) + pinein (to drink). Earliest documented use: 1448.

“The priests of a neighbouring convent, in expectation of the ample donation ... which Cedric had propined, attended upon the car.”
Walter Scott; Ivanhoe; A. Constable & Co.; 1820." "

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