Sunday, February 17, 2019

OLLI Class: Spanish for Advancing Beginners 2019, Spring Term

Welcome / Bienvenidos OLLI students
a la clase de Spanish for Advancing Beginners
Spring / Primavera 2019
Wednesdays /miércoles and Mondays /lunes, 
May 8 - June 5 
3:30 - 5:30 pm

This class will be held in the Campbell Center at SOU, Room C, on Wednesday and Monday afternoons, for two hours, 3:30 - 5:30, for a total of 8 sessions.  Note that this is TWICE A WEEK.  Each class is different and builds on the ones before.  We start on May 8; there is no class on May 27, Memorial Day; the last class is June 5.

This is NOT a class for people who have never studied Spanish before at all.  However, if a few years have passed since your last exposure to Spanish, that's OK.  It will come back.  If you've had some classes in basic Spanish and have a general grasp of grammar, you'll be fine in this class.  Knowing about verb conjugation (in present tense, at least), common vocabulary, gender endings, and approximate pronunciation will be very helpful.  
(Just a note to folks who've done some serious study of Spanish and can function on your own -- you would be better served by enrolling in a class more appropriate to your needs.)

No textbook is required.  Your primary way of acquiring the language is through listening and reading.  In class, you'll listen (and contribute fun details to our stories); then, at home, you can read the notes I post here as well as the stories we create together in class.   

I'm looking forward to seeing you in class! 


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