Monday, March 30, 2020

¡Vamos al cine!

¡Vamos al cine! Let's go to the movies! ¡We're going to the movies!

En español, "the movies" in general is "el cine."
But "el cine" can also be the movie theater.  En Ashland hay dos cines, el Varsity y el Ashland Street Cinema.

¿Cuál es tu película favorita?
What's your favorite movie (or film)?
We used to use "película" in our cameras as well until digital photography took over.

Ahora podemos ver películas en la tele. 
Now we can see movies / films on TV.

"Dolor y Gloria" es un film por Pedro Almodóvar.
Here we're using the word film, possibly to indicate the high quality or artistic merit we expect, and are definitely given in "Pain and Glory."  This film is the very best Almodóvar has made, in my opinion.  I loved it.  Watch it!  Listen to the language.  Enjoy.

And if you enjoy streaming movies at home, read this from
streaming n (audio, video) (voz inglesa)streaming nm
  ver por internet nm
 Streaming allows you to watch TV shows online without downloading them first.
 El streaming te permite ver los programas de la tele en línea sin tener que descargarlos antes.

Keep learning Spanish!  The online possibilities are endless.  Take advantage of them.

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