Tuesday, November 1, 2011

¿Halloween o Día de los Muertos?

Vocabulario de "Halloween"
el fantasma - ghost
el vampiro - vampire
la bruja - witch
la casa embrujada - haunted house

el desfile - the parade, 
el disfraz - the costume, 
¿Qué vas a llevar? - What are you going to wear?
     In many Spanish-speaking countries, (except the U.S.A) this is simply a religious or family holiday, based on celebrations in the Catholic Church. Nov. 1 is All Saint's Day (el día de Todos los Santos) and Nov. 2, All Soul's Day, honoring the deceased members of our families or our friends. It is often called "el día de los muertos" or "el día de los difuntos". Each country or area has its own customs. Lately, however, the American custom of celebrating Halloween in a more spooky way has gained popularity in some places.

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